We take care of accurate and timely payroll processing for your employees, including contributions, taxes, and other legal obligations.


Our payroll and income calculation service provides expert support to small, medium, and large businesses, as well as trades. Key steps of our payroll calculation service include:


1. Data Collection: Based on provided employee information, we expertly gather all relevant data required for payroll processing, including working hours, salaries, taxes, and contributions.


2. Payroll Calculation: We use the latest accounting tools for precise and careful payroll calculation. Each step is thoroughly checked to ensure accuracy, adhering to all applicable legal regulations.


3. Payslip Generation: After calculation, we generate clear and transparent payslips that comprehensively display paid wages, taxes, contributions, and other relevant information, providing transparency and clarity.


4. Reporting and Record Keeping: We provide detailed payroll calculation reports to give you a comprehensive overview of labor costs and financial aspects related to salaries. Additionally, we maintain precise records of salaries and related tax and contribution documents.


Our commitment to accuracy, transparency, and compliance makes us a reliable partner in managing your financial processes.

ured: Ulica Davora Zbiljskog 8,
10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
+385 99 1623 242
sjedište: Hercegovačka ulica 8,
32 281, Retkovci, Općina Ivankovo, Hrvatska

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