Welcome to the GADŽE&CO. page dedicated to our cryptocurrency support services. As your strategic partner in the digital financial world, we provide comprehensive support in terms of taxation, cryptocurrency security consulting, and general advice on how and where to start, primarily for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader or just entering this dynamic world, we are here to provide expertise and support.


Our cryptocurrency services:


Tax Consultancy in Cryptocurrencies:


We understand the complexities of tax obligations related to cryptocurrencies. We provide consultancy and preparation of tax returns to ensure compliance with tax regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.


Cryptocurrency Security Consulting:


Secure your digital currencies with our expert advice on best security practices. We offer guidance on storing and protecting your cryptocurrencies from cyber threats.


General Cryptocurrency Consulting:


For investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their understanding of cryptocurrencies, we provide advice on the market, trends, technology, regulatory changes, how to start, and where to start to make your journey safer.


Why choose GADŽE&CO. for cryptocurrency support?


Expertise in Taxation:


– We understand the specifics of tax rules related to cryptocurrencies, providing clear guidance and optimization of tax obligations.


Security of Your Cryptocurrencies at the Forefront:


– We are dedicated to ensuring that your cryptocurrencies are safe from all digital threats. We provide you with the latest information on security practices to have complete confidence in managing your digital assets.


Customized Strategies for Clients of All Sizes:


– Each client has unique goals and challenges. Our approach is personalized, tailored to your specific needs and ambitions in cryptocurrencies.


Active Market Monitoring:


– We actively monitor market trends, regulatory changes, and innovations for years to provide you with the latest information and advice.


With GADŽE&CO., you have a partner supporting you at every step of your cryptocurrency journey. Regardless of your goals, rest assured that we are here to provide expert support and ensure your success in the digital financial world.

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10 000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
+385 99 1623 242
sjedište: Hercegovačka ulica 8,
32 281, Retkovci, Općina Ivankovo, Hrvatska

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